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A Musical in Two Acts

3M, 2W

Run time: 130 min



After his twin brother Charlie passes away in a drug related accident, all Evan wants to do is forget their complicated relationship and move on, but the tangled relationships Charlie left behind keep Evan from truly letting go. As he slips into a spiral of self-destruction, Evan must make a stark decision: either accept and forgive his dead twin brother, or become him.



2016: Developmental Artist Retreat at Weston Playhouse, Vermont


2015: Off-Broadway (Theatre 3) with NYMF


2013: First act presentation as part of the FRIGID Festival NYC


2011: Fifteen minute snapshot as part of the West Village Musical Theatre Festival 



2015: Outstanding Individual Performance (NYMF)

2013: Best Original Score (FRIGID Festival)

Sizzle reel NYMF 2015:


Headshots represent actors who have previously portrayed the role.

Devin Ilaw


Male, 20s

A young musician who is coming of age. Bright and playful, with a dark and intense streak. His fear of the amplitude of emotion he's capable of experiencing has turned him into a bit of a loner - albeit good natured.

Kevin Schuering

Erin Maya


Female, 20s

A sassy heroin addict. She's grounded and self-assured, but hopelessly codependent at the same time.

Alexis Field

Hayley Anna Norris


Female, 20s

An intelligent, deeply compassionate woman growing into her confidence. She's the one who always gets it right, sometimes to her own detriment.

Miranda Whaley

BJ Gruber


Male, 20s

A simple man's man. He knows what he wants and how to get it, but isn't the most deeply attuned person to other people.

Viet Vo

Mark Coffin


Male, 50+

A cold and dispassionate man, but not cruel. A victim of a lifelong set of terrible circumstances, he in an alcoholic and has become mired in tradition and appearances.

Dennis Brito

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"Wearing Black is a poignant and nuanced rock-inspired musical that explores what's left after death with swagger and grace in equal measure."


-William Barnett,

"Riley Thomas, who wrote the book, music and lyrics, is someone to watch."


-Suzanna Bowling, Times Square Chronicles

"The show is soulful with great magnetic energy."


-Angel Lam, Theatre is Easy (

"Thomas's lyrics are always elevated by his unique and exciting musical style."


-Zachary Stewart,

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